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In Which A Young Girl is Being Chased

Minnie ran into one of the classrooms that littered the hall and hid under a desk, praying that those who were persuing her wouldn't see her do this. While she knew that on a whole, she was faster then them, a lot of them had more energy, or 'stamina' as the teachers said, and when she started to slow down, they would speed up. She didn't even know why they were chasing her other than the fact that they could. She crouched a little more and brought her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and tried to calm herself down with rocking motions, but it didn't seem to be working.

She heard them come up to the shut door and silently prayed they would think she ran into a different classroom but her hopes vanished when she heard the door creak open and footsteps enter.

"Minnie? Come on out...We won't hurt you..." Said one of the girls in the group. The group, as far as Minnie could tell, consisted of a girl with long black hair who was older and taller than Minnie and wearing a red shirt but who's name she wasn't sure of. Tyler, a boy the same age as the other girl but blond and wearing a t-shirt with a band name on it that Minnie knew nothing about, another girl with red hair with blond streaks, in a black shirt and another two boys, but she didn't get much from them other than the fact they sort of looked alike and both had brown hair.

"Come on, Celine. She's not here. Let's go." Tyler said. Minnie tucked moreso into herself than earlier, making her as small as possible. While she was on the other side of the room from the group, and had some sort of display blocking her from their view, all they had to do was move just a tiny bit and they would see her.

"You saw her run in here to Tyler. That little girl needs to learn that she has to be tough here. I'm helping her." Minnie opened her eyes and wished she could see the people who were talking, or at least their legs, but she guessed that not seeing them was a good thing as well. It meant that (hopefully) they couldn't see her. What was that rhyme someone told her one? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil? With the monkeys?

Either way, she was pretty sure the rhyme was right, so she repeated it in her head over and over, while wishing at the same time that the old kids would just go away.

No such luck, though they did seem to be losing interest in her as they gained more interest in their conversation.

"She'll learn that with or without your help. Your generousity isn't needed here." Tyler said. Their was some scuffling around and a yawn, followed by a quick, "I'm bored. I'm gonna go back to the dorms." That was the redhead, Minnie was sure. She knew it wasn't Celine, which she now knew was the darkhaired girls name.

"Me too."

"Me three." and the two similar looking boys had left as well, leaving only Tyler and Celine.

"Well, at least their gone now..." Celine said, but her voice was different than it was before. She sounded nicer than Minnie had ever heard her.

"Seriously? You want to do that here? You realize that there is a good chance that the girl actually is in here, don't you?" Minnie heard a scoff after Tyler said that.

"So you do believe me? Ha." There was a pause. "I'll leave, let you play the big hero that I know you love to play. Have fun."

"See you later?" Tyler asked Celine.

"Uh huh. See you Ty."

Minnie heard more footsteps and then the room room was silent. She was about to crawl out from under the desk when she heard footsteps in the room again. She looked in the direction the noise was coming from and realized they were coming for her.

The boy, Tyler, kneeled down by the desk he knew the girl was hiding under and looked at her. She looked frightened for sure, but what was new to him was the anger. Usually when they were done chasing the younger kids, one of them would 'save' the kid and the kids would be grateful, but this girl looked far from it.

"Hi, how are you? Your name is M-" But before he could finish the sentence, the young girl pushed him off balance from his perch and ran past him into the hall, but not before turning to him and glaring. "You're mean!" She said, tears in her eyes, before running away.